The City Artists Network MedeArts

Creating and enabling an independent artistic network that targets young people

MedeArts Network was established as an initiative from the heart of Irbid city from northern Jordan in early 2015, through a group of active young men and women in the cultural, artistic and architectural fields with the aim of creating a decentralized cultural system that includes applying culture and arts to advocate for societal and human rights issues and to promote freedom of expression.

Our Community

The network targets a large group of young men and women, especially middle-experienced local artists, and cultural activists. The network contributes in creating a safe environment for experimentation, research, mutual learning and stimulating joint work, thus contributing to building the capacities of visionary influencers who will be the thinkers and innovators of the future.

The network was officially registered under Societies Law No. 51 on April 16, 2019, within the authority of the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, with its headquarters in Irbid Governorate (Al-Qasaba).

Our Vision

MedeArts Network is looking forward to leading sustainable cities in pioneering artistic cultural productions, capable of creating a decentralized cultural system and employing contemporary arts to advocate for societal and human rights issues and to promote freedom of expression.

Our Mission

Empowering an independent and effective artistic network in the cities and governorates far from centralization, directed to young men and women, especially medium-experienced artists and cultural activists, that seeks to support the cultural structure, build capacities, enhance cooperation and joint artistic and cultural production, and help individuals advocate for their societal, human rights and cultural issues through art.

Our Mission

Creating and enabling an independent artistic network that targets young people, particularly artists and cultural activists, seeking to enhance cooperation and joint artistic and cultural production, assisting them in advocating their rights and cultural issues through art.

Our Values

Cooperation / joint action / solidarity

We believe that collaborative and joint work and solidarity between individuals is an environment for creativity and the creation of pioneering and contemporary ideas, and an important force for facing challenges while respecting the local context of each place, region, group and individual.

Acceptance / respect of others

We seek to promote the concept of acceptance and reinforce this behavior among individuals and societies, and to respect the other, no matter how different they are in content and substance.

Equality and societal justice (gender)

We believe that empowering women and strengthening their presence as leaders is a priority, so MedeArts Network always gives priority to emerging creative, artistic, and cultural projects led by women.

Creative local cultural and artistic content

We believe that we are part of the contribution to provide Arabic content, as Arabic is the official language of the city’s artists network, while enhancing our contribution by providing innovative, cultural and artistic Arabic content, taking into account the provision of Arabic content that takes into consideration gender content.

Protecting the national cultural heritage

Contribute to the protection of the national and cultural heritage by supporting projects specialized in reviving and preserving the intangible oral history of the region. Strengthening identity and protecting cultural and artistic heritage.

Freedom of expressions

We believe in providing safe platforms and spaces through which young men and women can implement free artistic, pioneering and cultural projects that are not subject to the conditions and restrictions limiting artistic work in light of the cultural, societal and rights values abounding in Jordan.


Advocating the use of arts as a tool of advocacy, as we believe in the importance of the arts in supporting human rights and cultural advocacy processes and spreading peace, and most of the network’s work follows this principle and methodology while implementing our programs and projects.


Emphasizing the existence of pluralism, we believe in diversity and pluralism of all kinds and forms as an added value to enrich modern/contemporary cultural, artistic and creative work.


Trust and Transparency We hope to be the trusted partner and believe that our procedures, transactions and services that we provide to a wide audience of young men and women must be fair, transparent and inclusive of marginalized and decentralized communities and represent cultural and social diversity.


Some of the goals we're working on

With our artists and community.
Building sustainable models for safe cultural and artistic spaces, capable of consolidating community’s relationship with the arts
Empowering young talents in the creative, artistic, entrepreneurial and cultural fields
Contribute to promoting cultural exchange practices and joint artistic production locally, regionally and globally.
Advocacy and raising awarness for societal, human rights and cultural issues through contemporary and digital arts.

Our Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you

Co-FounderMo Sammour


FounderSafi Adnan

Interested to join our team?

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