Awareness, Advocacy, Art


Awareness, Advocacy, Art

MedeArts Network believes in the importance and power of arts in societal change.

Focusing on the role of modern and digital arts means creating a state of the community and spreading awareness on large scales. Therefore, the AAA Program ” Awareness, Advocacy, Art ” seeks to build the capacities of young men and women, including artists, to invest in modern and digital artistic tools to launch awareness and advocacy campaigns that contribute to achieving their human rights demands, including health, societal and cultural demands.

This program also focuses on providing artistic spaces for digital artistic production equipped with the necessary equipment, Such as providing a studio for audio recording and graphic design. As part of the strategies of this program, MedeArts Network created an alliance between with the Citizen Dancers Foundation, and your Voice from Southern Tunisia Foundation between the city of Irbid and the city of Gabes to create a space specialized in digital artistic, cultural production called “No Name Artistic Studio Lab”.

It also partnered with Oxfam-under Masarat Fund Program to support young people in launching awareness and advocacy campaigns under the theme of health, physical and psychological safety using digital arts tools such as infographics, animations and podcasts!

Target Group

Young men and women – local communities – decision makers – influencers – civil society institutions

Program Activities

More than six training components under the theme of raising awareness, advocacy, and art
Awareness and e-advocacy campaigns using digital arts and media
Presenting the experiences and works of the beneficiaries in front of a broad audience

Program Financiers

Our Doners

Program Outcomes

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