Our Projects

Impact-driven. People-oriented.

The project helped a group of young people from 18-30 years of age from different nationalities residing in Jordan, to use the tools of fiction theater, to tell their real and personal stories, and address them to a wide audience, decision-makers and influencers. At the same time to carry out discussion and post-presentation research.

The project tackled topics like Justice and equality, social cohesion, gender, women, drugs, physical disability. With 50 people as participants, covering 20 shows that were attended by 7000 audience .


In collaboration with Ma3mal 612, the project supported 10 mid-career local artists by preparing research and small art projects containing their research results in revisiting their city, reshaping the place, producing independent art projects and presenting them within the festival.

This festival lasted for two days and hosted 10 Artists from musicians, photographers, actors and singers , and was attended by more than 3000 people .


Faces have an existence secret that may give you the opportunity to express your opinions, beliefs, and everything that flies in your head. Hemography is a participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.

Hemography was firstly launched during Daraj Festival as one ’Identity & the city’ program’s projects. We were lucky enough to move this project and do it again in Shanghai, China as part of a Global Shapers Shanghai program; IMPROVE.


This project has introduced the concept of Artpreneurship to more than 100 artists from northern Jordan by training them on topics related to personal branding, events management, art business models. We distributed mini-grants to theme-based teams to produce five artistic and cultural events/projects in Irbid. 

Artpreneurship, personal brand, business models, impact model.


This project received the Arab Cultural Policies Award from the AlMaward Al-Thaqafi. This project aimed  to prepare a joint cultural plan for Irbid among the cultural activists and local government institutions to unify efforts and influence the general cultural scene of the city.


This project was organized in alliance with Tajalla Association. Jalaton aims to preserve the musical heritage of ‘Horan’ valley with the participation of 25 musicians from the Horan valley region, under the supervision and training of  Tariq Nasser, one of the most talented and experienced musicians in Jordan. So far, eight songs from the musical heritage of Jordan, Syria, and Palestine have been saved. 


A group of Yemeni artists were able to express through their illustrated artistic works and express the aesthetic of different cities and governorates of Yemen, and convey a positive image about Yemen, as the works that were shown in the exhibition Explore Yemen focused on celebrating the rich cultural heritage in handcraft and artistic products that reflect the ancient character and history. The original Yemeni, in addition to focus on the picturesque and tourist sites that characterize Yemen, as one of the most beautiful ancient and historical cities in the Arab region. As this exhibition aims to shed light on the cultural and artistic side of Yemen and to convey a positive image of Yemen.

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