Next Step


Next Step

Program for Empowering Young Talents in the Fields of Creative Cultural Industries

MedeArts Network believes that empowering creative, artistic, and cultural talents is a basic and critical goal based on an urgent need by the youth to develop their skills and help them enter the artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial labor market on a personal/individual level or at the level of groups and emerging pioneering creative projects.

Therefore, this program seeks to empower young talents by providing a training component to build their leadership educational and administrative capacities in the cultural, artistic and creative fields, at the same time to help them enter the local and international market.

This program adopting the methodology of providing platforms and spaces that provide the opportunity to build a safe and free base full of joint work It is relaying on cooperation and solidarity between individuals or emerging pioneering artistic groups.

Target Group

Young men and women ,the owners of innovative, artistic, and cultural ideas and initiatives

Next Step Fellows

Octave Studio
Bitat Project
Diwan Theater

Program Activities

Providing a training component in cultural management and artistic leadership, including skills in marketing and digital security.
A series of meetings with those with previous experience, strengthening networking and building partnerships
Presenting the experiences and works of the beneficiaries in front of a broad audience

Program Financiers

Our Doners

Program Outcomes

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