Next Step

This new program under MedeArts aims to empower leading young individuals and groups through four main axes.

The MedeArts “Next Step” program supports young talent in the creative industries sector in the northern region of Jordan (Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun) by offering them hands-on training programs, tools, and expertise to increase their outreach and impact and maximize their professional opportunities, since young people in the northern area of Jordan lack this kind of support in creative industry.

Training sessions in Arts & Culture Management and leadership

Workshops and training sessions led by experts and specialists are provided to raise the participants’ skills in the areas of managing their projects or products. The areas in which artists and creative workers receive training and assistance are the following:

  • Building a creative portfolio including specific mission and goals
  • Developing organizational strategies and timeline
  • Art entrepreneurship and sustainability strategies including online marketing and branding
  • Fundraising, networking and business development

Furthermore, it is important for young people to learn how to organize and cooperate effectively to advocate for arts and culture, to influence Jordan’s cultural policies, and to make their voices heard on the local artistic and cultural market.


Networking meetings are being organized by MedeArts for the Next Step participants with different organizations and entities. The goal is to connect the participants to government entities and other organizations and private sector start ups which can offer them valuable experience and tips or are able to support them or become patrons or partners.

Providing technical equipment and other resources

Each participating group in the Next Step program gets furthermore supported by MedeArts through equipment and resources fitting their needs. Right now, MedeArts is able to support with equipment to curate galleries, a sound system, printing, a camera and webcam. Next to this MedeArts’ “GarageArt” provides participants with an open co-working space for trainings, production activities, exhibition of works, and performances.

Financial support

Next to the capacity building and material support, Next Step Program also provides financial support to its participants in form of a mini-grant (250 JOD for each 5 groups). This grant is meant for them to apply what they learned and to experience a full project cycle from Identification and Definition, over Set-Up, Planning and Implementing to the project closure in a small scale with MedeArts as their ‘donor’ and entity they have to report to.

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