Art & People


Art & People

A program that's designed to promote the concept of artistic (safe) cultural spaces by supporting and organizing a group of youth events and team-building activities within these spaces, including the development of sustainable models for existing spaces capable of achieving a kind of independence and continuity.

During the implementation process of this program, we focus on promoting open dialogue, acceptance, respect for others and teamwork, spreading the importance and power of arts, in addition to encouraging the public audience and providing them with the opportunity to explore the artistic field.

In addition to that, providing social activities for young people that make them feel welcomed and accepted through creating an environment that accepts them by using Artistic tools, creative expression, storytelling, dialogue sessions organized by them, group games and exercises, which contribute to the consolidation of relations between society and the arts.

Target Group

Local communities – parents – influencers – decision-makers
Cultural / artistic/safe spaces and community centres

Program Activities

Launching a cultural residence under the theme "Map of Cultural Spaces in the Arab Region
Launching an artistic residency in partnership with the International Assitej Network under the theme "Children's Theater"
Launching a musical residency under the theme of "light art and music"

Program Financiers

Our Doners

Program Outcomes

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