Supporting creative young men and women

MedeArts Network provides its members and the local community with open space for gathering, exchange, and creativity.

Garage Art is the first independent cultural space in Irbid; dedicated to promote arts and culture to raise awareness, stand together, accept each other, and spread a culture of pluralism, tolerance and dialogue. It is an open space for any artist and creative thinker to practice and experiment freely, workshopes to train your skills, and for everyone to perform and share their art and ideas.

Welcoming everyone

We welcome everyone to various events, trainings, and cultural gatherings in our open space.

Besides this, Garage Art is open every day for everyone to meet, communicate and enjoy senses of creativity and mutual support. With the opening of our Garage Art space, we were able to support and allow youth participation, citizen dialogue, contribute to community development, and develop the concept of a creative and cultural economy through the marketing of artistic and creative works within our space.

Why GarageArt?

One main challenge MedeArts was facing in its work was that Irbid – or in general any place outside the capital Amman – was lacking an open space for artists and cultural activists.

With the opening of GarageArt, MedeArts followed its goal to initiate more exchange between artists, be able to provide more workshops and have a space for performances, exhibitions and all kinds of cultural events. Next to this, our heartfelt desire was to create a Safe Space for our artists and young people of the local community, since many of them suffer from intolerance and non-acceptance from their society, which is a big issue in our region today. We were following our vision of a space that is open to everyone, a place that promotes diversity and supports social engagement to empower our network of artists and local Youth – to give them a place to be who they are and do what they love.

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