Exchange Program and Joint Cultural Artistic Production

MedeArts Network believes in the importance of having programs that enhance cultural exchanges and joint artistic productions between artists and cultural activists world. Support for roaming and encountering many new artistic and cultural experiences worldwide is an essential teaching tool.

An artist has a legitimate right to travel, acquire further information, and learn about diverse backgrounds.

This includes achieving understanding, cooperation, and cohesion between multiple cultures capable of contributing to the expansion of international partnerships, expanding the circle of dialogue, gaining more cultural skills, a higher exchange of ideas, another type of exploration, and thus creating contemporary, new and common artistic and cultural forms.

Target Group

Local communities – parents – influencers – decision-makers
Cultural / artistic/safe spaces and community centers

Program Activities

Launching a cultural residence under the theme "Map of Cultural Spaces in the Arab Region
Launching an artistic residency in partnership with the International Assitej Network under the theme "Children's Theater"
Launching a musical residency under the theme of "light art and music"

Program Financiers

Our Doners

Program Outcomes

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