No Name Artistic Studio Lab


No Name Artistic Studio Lab

Established as part of the Artistic Advocacy Awareness Program in the city of Irbid with the support of Oxfam through the granting of Masarna Program.

Through this space, we seek to provide the necessary tools, equipment, and specialized training in producing technical and creative digital materials such as infographics and podcasts to launch awareness campaigns and electronic advocacy campaigns that address societal and human rights issues related to young people men and women and society.

A capacity-building program

To raise the skills of young men and women in the North of Jordan

Through this lab, MedeArts Network will provide a capacity-building program to raise the skills of young men and women in the North of Jordan on awareness and electronic advocacy, which depend on artistic and creative means and digital media. Such as cameras, montage devices, graphic design, and other materials and tools that young men and women will need to launch their campaigns.

Challenging the Epidemic

Our experience as citizens, local communities, and minorities was not good during and after the spread of the global epidemic.

We realize that the whole world was affected in one way or another, and our misfortune was the same as they say – but we are fully aware that the impact for us was more severe, it requires more effort from us as community institution works in cities, governorates, villages, and perhaps camps, to protect ourselves and advance ourselves again, and it was necessary to keep pace with what is happening in contemporary and modern ways as well the willingness of the infrastructure.

Putting our experience into action

We ask ourselves again, do we have the appropriate tools to fight this new battle? Do our region’s young men and women have sufficient skills and information? Have technological ways and the Internet become the main tools by which we will express our opinions and raise our voice for our rights through intensifying electronic advocacy campaigns of a contemporary creative presence? Are we ready to create electronic awareness practices and reach wider target groups? Are there new opportunities for young men and women that must consider? Like new job opportunities in arts and digital media.

We can see that our experience with the opening of this type of space under the title of the Digital Cultural Art Production Lab will contribute to finding several answers to these questions and will contribute to a new matching point between the young men and women of the region, which is highlighted today through our humble experience of an alliance between the MedeArts Network Irbid and Dancers Citizens of the South Institution and the Foundation for Your Voice from the South of Tunis.

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